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Training the children
to think well,
act responsibly, and
live wisely

Core Curriculum

The curriculum we use comprises Student-Directed Learning and Teacher-Directed Learning courses. 
We use the ACE program (Accelerated Christian Education®, also known as School of Tomorrow®) as our core curriculum, an international Bible-based curriculum for students from preschool and kindergarten up to grade 12 level. 
This provides each student with an individualized learning program that emphasizes character building and the Word of God, training the children to think well, act responsibly, and live wisely.  Please visit for more info.

Core Curriculum

What do we teach

The core curriculum is taught in English and consists of Math, English, Social Studies (Geography and History), Science, Word Building, and Literature & Creative Writing. 
High school level (grade 8 and above) students have a choice of senior electives which contribute credits towards their choice of either the US High school diploma or the ICCE.


Each of the academies also provides Bahasa Malaysia and Chinese language classes.  


Through these language classes, we provide teaching of Malaysian social studies, including history and culture. 

What do we teach

Other Activities

Along with the academic program are other activities throughout the year which provide students with opportunities to improve and showcase their natural and learned abilities and talents, like student conventions, extra-curricular activities, and field trips.


Physical Education (PE) is a compulsory weekly activity.



Extracurricular activities (ECAs) such as field trips, art and craft lessons, music classes, and educational talks, are incorporated as a regular part of the school program. 


We also include interest groups and enrichment classes for writing skills, typing and computer classes, music, art, dance, and other music skills, in particular those needed for the students to prepare for the regional student conventions.

ECA Large.jpeg


Student conventions enable our students to meet and interact with students on the same program from other parts of the country and in the region. 

Other Activities

Pathways for Graduation

The ACE program has 2 pathways for graduation at grade 12 in preparation for tertiary education.

Pathways for Graduation

Useful Links

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3 / ICCE

International Certificate of Christian Education

4 / Lighthouse Christian Academy

Lighthouse Christian Academy (Distance Learning)

Useful Links
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