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Anglican Academies
Organization Chart

Our curriculum is student-oriented rather than teacher-oriented. Teachers or educators are referred to as Supervisors, and classrooms are referred to as learning centers. 
Each learning center is headed by one main supervisor assisted by two or more supervisors or monitors(administrative assistants), yielding an average staff: student ratio of 1:10.
In addition to their academic qualifications, staff members complete the A.C.E.® Professional Staff Training Course run by School of Tomorrow® or their representative. They also attend conferences, including the annual Christian Educators’ Convention, to learn educational reforms, share ideas and sharpen their focus on Christian Education and the use of the curriculum.
Our staff members are recruited based on their merits and giftings, including educational background, life experience, spiritual maturity, and a heart to serve God by serving children. As the School of Tomorrow® curriculum is self-instructional, the primary qualification for all our staff (above diplomas or degrees) is the completion of the professional Supervisor Training (and Administrator Training) conducted by A.C.E.®.

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